Monday, August 4, 2014

August Paddle

Each year the Blue and Gold Scholarship Foundation holds a dinner auction as its one and only fundraiser.  Over the life of its existence the foundation has provided more than $400,000 in ongoing scholarships to kids from Wright City.

For several years I've donated an outfitted canoe trip and for most of that time it has been purchased by the same group of guys.

This year we were a bit unorganized in determining our location and when we would reach a decision water levels weren't conducive to paddling.  Finally we planned to head to Eminence and attempt to get a campsite at Circle B.  They were all booked up, but we were hoping to capture a last minute cancellation spot.

On the drive down we called an audible.  We would instead check if anything was available at the Department of Conservation campsites at Cedar Grove.  They were all taken of course.

We continued downstream on Hwy 19 and ended up at Pulltite.  This group had stayed and paddled here in the past.

On Saturday we put in at Pulltite.  Being a Saturday it was more crowded than I like, but sometimes the weekends are your only opportunities to be on the water.

After a while it cleared out for brief periods of time.  That was good because I was going to spend some time practicing rolls some more.

Throughout the day we helped folks having trouble.  Unfortunately we weren't able to recover some lost eye glasses for a boy, but we did get out the first aid kit for a young woman who took a nasty scrape from a tree.

We finished the day at Round Spring.

On Sunday we decided to paddle from Cedar Grove to Akers' Ferry.  It was a nice paddle and John had good luck fishing.  Thankfully no one really needed any help.


July Paddle

For July we put in at Castlerock State Park on the Meramec River and paddled up stream.  After my rolling troubles at NOC I spent some time practicing rolls.