Monday, June 18, 2012

June Paddling Trip

June 2-5, 2012

The paddle of the month was on the Current River.  This was a leisurely four-day family trip from Akers Ferry to the confluence with the Jack's Fork at Two Rivers.  We took our time on this 40-mile or so trip because it was the first time Zack (age 7) would be paddling his own boat for more than a couple of hours.

We arrived at Akers Ferry just around lunch on a Saturday.  Lunch was eaten at the put-in while the boats were loaded.  Zack was in his kayak with his little dry bag of goodies.  Debbie was in her boat with a little bit of gear.  I was in our gray canoe with most of the supplies.  After lunch, arranging a shuttle, and restroom breaks we hit the water.  The first night was spent on a nice gravel bar just above Pulltite.

On Sunday we made an early morning stop at Pulltite to get a weather update, use flush toilets, and get a treat.  Storms had been in the forecast for Sunday afternoon when we left home -- that was still the case.  We found a nice camping spot high above the river level and set camp very early in the day.
It rained some in the late afternoon.  Zack spent most of the afternoon gathering firewood and practicing his rock throwing skills.  We had camped near a cave, so we got to see lots of bats in the early evening.

Monday was to be our long day.  We stopped at the store at the Round Spring bridge early in the morning to check the weather and get a treat.  The temperature was a bit warmer, causing us to spend more time in the water than the previous two days.  Zack referenced how good of a swimming hole one of our stops was -- all while his teeth chattering behind bluish lips.

Another great camping spot for Monday night.  Zack built a rock wall on the edge of the water and must have thrown a gazillion rocks.  His accuracy is improving.

On into Two Rivers on Tuesday around lunch to complete the trip.  Zack did very well on his first trip of this length in his own boat.  One of us would tow him from time to time, but overall he did surprisingly well.

Where to next month?

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