Thursday, July 19, 2012

Energy Bills

Yesterday I checked into a hotel for meeting. I had some time before the first meeting so I did some reading then sat down with my iPad for some catching up. After a while I noticed that I was getting quite cold. Considering the outside temperatures were near 100 degrees, that must have meant the air conditioning must have been on at a high level. I checked the thermostat to find it set at 68. That may not seem an odd setting, but we keep our house much warmer than that. Usually our summer thermostat is program to go no lower than 76. We are used to the higher temperature so I tend to get a little cold when in other buildings. A couple of years ago when we were doing budget cuts at school we estimated that a 1 degree change in our thermostats would save us $6,000 in utility costs. How much would this hotel save if gave patrons less of range to manipulate the temperatures? And how much lower would the rack rate be?

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