Friday, November 1, 2013

October Paddle

What a great weekend to be on the river!

Zack was wanting to do an overnight, but we had to find a buddy boat.  After a few emails, Twitter posts, and some scheduling we were blessed to have Rhett and Madeline join us.

We put in during the mid-afternoon on Saturday and eased our way down stream on a short jaunt from Aker's Ferry to Pulltite.

Along the way one must always take a brief respite to paddle into cave spring.

The night/morning was the coldest Zack has experienced on the river.  It was also the first time he stayed in a tent alone.  He claimed his sleeping bag didn't do its job.

Unfortunately at the 9.13 mile marker Rhett and Madeline took a spill.  Madeline was a trooper, never making a peep about the cold water.  Thankfully the air temps weren't too bad and we were in full sun.

Looking forward to paddling in November before the big trip in December.

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