Thursday, April 2, 2015

Stand There Or Do Something?

You are the second person to arrive on the scene of an injury accident and the first person is just standing there looking over the injured person.  Do you instinctively say, "Don't just stand there, do something!"?  Or do you think this person is perhaps assessing what needs to be done before doing it?

Sometimes we act first without thinking.  Unfortunately that happens quite a bit in the social media world.  We react to a situation that is upsetting without thinking through what we post.  And then it's gone and out of our control.  Sure, we could delete the post, but we don't know who has saved it in some manner.  We've launched something into cyberspace and getting it back is challenging, if not impossible.

As leaders we don't always have as much time to reflect as we would like before making decisions.  The leaders I have most respected made sure they assessed situations before taking action.  They set great examples of reflective practice on behalf of the students they served.

Today's leaders are no different.  They work in service of children each and every day, doing amazing things for students and communities.  Reflective leaders from across the country are collaborating in a variety of ways to ensure opportunities for the kids they serve.


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