Friday, August 10, 2012

August Paddle

Several months ago a good friend asked if I would join Troop 2 on a float trip this coming weekend and serve as a canoeing instructor.  I was looking forward to it and helped him a bit with the trip planning. 

Each year I donate an outfitted canoe trip to our scholarship auction.  The same guys buy it each year and we have a good time.  In trying to schedule a mutually agreeable date we ended on the weekend following the Troop 2 float.  I didn't think I could swing two weekends in a row away from the family so I backed out of the Troop 2 float.

Then came a nice bike ride earlier in the week where Zack and I discussed getting away for a last weekend before school started.  We decided a paddling trip was in order, so I'm back to paddling with Troop 2 this weekend and the auction guys next weekend.

The Troop 2 float will be from Two Rivers to Powder Mill on the Current River.  Zack had paddled the 40 miles upstream from Two Rivers earlier in the summer so he'll get to pick up another 7 miles.  Don't know that I know any 7 year olds that have paddled that entire stretch.  We'll need to do Baptist Camp to Akers when the water is nice.

Can't wait to paddle with Troop 2 this weekend.

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