Thursday, August 23, 2012

Caring Adults

A parent scared the bejeezers out of me this morning.  I was in my car putting on my seatbelt in preparation for leaving a parking space when a parent appeared at my window.  Considering the parking lot was empty, the surprise presence of a body startled me.  (In full disclosure I have a tendency to do this to others.)

This parent had moved to the district at the start of last year but kept their child in the parochial school she had been attending.  The drive was a challenge for them, but they kept it up all last year.  This year they chose to bring here to public school.

The parent's purpose in catching me was to let me know that their first two weeks had been a great experience.  It started with a greeting from the principal, who escorted her to class when he found out she was new.  It has continued by being in the classroom of an experienced teacher.

It's the people that make a difference in schools.  Other countries understand this.  Our political and business leaders would rather bash teachers.  I wonder how their employees would perform if they were being demeaned as teachers and administrators are?

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