Monday, August 20, 2012

Charity Paddling Trip

For the past several years I've donated a canoe trip for four to a local charity auction.  Each year the trip has been purchased by Phil.  We did the outfitted trip this past weekend.  He again brought Greg, Tom, and John.  This year they wanted to paddle sections of the Current River.  We base camped at Pulltite.

On Saturday we put in at Aker's Ferry for the 10 mile paddle down to Pulltite.  I like this section of the river, but on a Saturday during the summer the crowd can be a bit much.  It wasn't horribly crowded, but some of those who were out for the day were loud and rowdy.  The Park Service had tightened down on the silliness a few years ago.  Perhaps they've eased up.

Sunday was a much quiet paddle from Pulltite to Round Spring.  The rowdy folks must have gone home.

Overall it was a nice weekend of paddling with cool evening temperatures and daytime temps in the low 80s.  Can't wait for some cooler paddling this fall.

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