Tuesday, August 14, 2012

172 Days

Yesterday marked the start of school for us.  It's always fun to see how the kids change over the summer. 

I started my day at the high school as kids started to arrive.  Several have grown quite a bit, many look more mature, and some it's hard to believe they are seniors.

At West Elementary the new second graders were learning how to navigate their new surroundings.

At East Elementary the kindergarteners looked lost, but perhaps not as much as their parents.  Lots of teary-eyed adults travelled the halls after dropping off their pride and joy.  They could stop by the boo-hoo breakfast, but most exited in quiet reflection.

We are entrusted with their care for the next 172 days.  During that time we will monitor their academic progress to provide necessary interventions or enrichments to move them forward.  While doing that we will see them grow, wipe their tears, bandage their wounds, feed them breakfast and lunch, send food home with some on the weekends, clothe some, and celebrate their birthdays, all as part of what teachers do on a daily basis.

Educators are a self-less bunch.  Thank one the next time you see one.

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