Monday, October 29, 2012

A Different Kind of Segregation?

Questions have come up as to whether the school privatization movement is moving in a de facto direction of re-segregation.  This post by Anthony Cody and follow-up by Diane Ravitch provide some insight.

Interestingly,  I was listening to a podcast on investing where they discussed the stock trends of some for-profit education providers.  These investment folks talked specifically about how the enrollment of these providers (charters) are dropping as they become more selective in their student bodies.

We historically think about segregation in terms of race.  In the education world we also had segregation through tracking. 

My impression of some charters is that they are minimally selective at initial enrollment, but counsel kids out based on their behavior, work ethic, and parent support. 

The political landscape leads me to believe that school choice measures will only expand.  I do wonder if they will bring a new type of segregation; one where those with parent support for learning drift away from what they perceive not to support learning. 

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