Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Our Civic Duty

Today we have the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to exercise our civic duty of voting. 

I taught with someone who had a sign that read, "Don't complain about what you permit."  It stayed up most of the time, but it was always prominent during parent-teacher conferences.  This message often helped reduce the blame parents would sometimes try to place on teachers when kids weren't doing their work.  It was a simple way to communicate that we all play a role.

Today we get to play one of our most important roles as citizens.  If you don't vote, should you be able to complain?  Your candidate may not win, but when you do vote you let your opinion be heard.

Much has been written about the election leading up to today and much will be written after.  Regardless of your political leanings let's hope (I know it's a big one) that Congress will get down to the serious business that faces our nation.  It's time for them to stop trying to keep their jobs and actually do their jobs.

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