Saturday, March 30, 2013

March Paddle

A gorgeous March Friday found us on the Missouri River paddling from Frontier Park in St. Charles to Souix Passage Park in North St. Louis County.

We started off making great time and having a wonderful day of paddling.  But then a bad decision made for a couple of hours of hard paddling.  We decided to cut through the Car of Commerce Chute.  It was shallow at the entrance before going through a nice slough and hitting the wall of rocks going from bank to bank.  A few more inches of water and we might have been able to get through, but portaging it was.

The chute remained shallow for much of the way, but the wind was the killer.  It kicked up to where it was negating the little bit of current we had.  It is never fun pulling Zack through what feels like going upstream. 

Our shortcut through the chute was anything but.  Lesson learned...stay in the channel when on the Big Muddy.

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