Sunday, April 14, 2013

Peter and Paul

I recently saw a billboard that said something to the effect of:

When government takes from Peter to pay Paul
it can count on the support of Paul

This billboard was in what one would consider a fairly conservative area.  The assumption is this is political commentary from Republicans.

I would contend that Republicans also takes from Peter and gets the support of Paul.  Currently there are Republicans in the Missouri House of Representatives that support virtual charters.  By the mathematical nature of Missouri's funding formula if more kids are funded through virtual charters, there is less money to go around.  In short it takes money from existing public school students (Peter) in order to fund students who would take classes through virtual charters (Paul).  And guess who is supporting these bills--those who would fall into the receiving (Paul) category.

People are funny--politicians included.  They don't want government in X, but they sure want it in Y.  It is interesting, frustrating, and ridiculous to watch politicians establish policy.

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