Thursday, March 7, 2013

Taking Schools from the Community

Parent trigger legislation is making its way across the nation fueled by ALEC, StudentsFirst, and others.  It looks like this type of legislation just cleared the Oklahoma Senate and has been filed here in the Missouri House.

It looks to me that the goal of parent trigger legislation is to turn schools over the charter management organizations.  We know these groups perform at or below the levels of public schools.

Here's my issue...We have a building that is 4 years old.  The district issued bonds to build it and the debt is paid by district taxpayers, not just the parents in the school.  Additionally, this school serves only two grade levels.  This means that 50% of the parents are new each year.  Why should a small group of parents be able to take a school away from a community and hand it over to private operators?

Would we allow this for the police department, fire department, library, ambulance district, etc.?

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