Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June Paddle

We had planned to paddle the salt marshes of Huntington Beach State Park in South Carolina, but it was pouring rain from buckets at our tour reservation time.

Our tour was to be conducted by a state park naturalist so we could learn more about the flora and fauna of the area.  The steady rain made it difficult to see and there was no sign of wildlife because they were hunkered down for the storm.  We had also paddled in the rain the weekend prior and the family wasn't thrilled about doing that again so soon.

Oh well, perhaps another day...

Two days later I got the chance to paddle in Murrells Inlet, just north of Huntington Beach State Park.  It was quite windy, but at least there was no rain.

From the dock I paddle north along the bank of restaurants and home lining the inlet.  I find it better to paddle against the wind early while I have more energy rather than trying to paddle back in the wind when potentially exhausted.

I had been wary of paddling the inlet alone because aerial maps gave me the impression one could easily get lost.  Fortunately I departed from a large structure that was easy to spot from a distance.  The maze of grasses was interesting to navigate though.  I would ease my way through breaks in the grasses only to find dead ends.

Overall it was a nice morning of paddling in a new location.

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