Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Must be an advocate

Recently I was reading a blog post on Parent Revolution meeting with teachers.  Here is an excerpt:

                   "I sort of knew the entire thing would go the way it did. They get paid
                   very well to advocate what they advocate, and weren’t there to listen to
                   community or teacher voices. The teachers and myself don’t get paid at
                   all to advocate alongside our communities, and that’s part of the point
                   isn’t it? On the other hand it was important that we showed up since
                   they would have been able to take the high ground and say they made
                   overtures that went unanswered. It also probably did them some good
                   to talk to real classroom teachers, something they almost never do."

What strikes me is these outside groups have funding to pay smart, young adults to advocate a position/ideology in a legislature and/or community.  Educators get too busy teaching to have time to be an advocate for their profession. 

The time has come for educators to be advocates too.

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