Monday, December 7, 2015

Annual December Paddle

It's that time of year again.  The planning, prepping, and watching river levels all comes to fruition in another successful winter paddle of our little paddling group.  What started as a silly idea has turned into an obsession for many of us.  We look forward to this trip all year, and plan years in advance too.

Our plans changed a little this year with all the rain that came around Thanksgiving.  It enabled us to paddle a portion of the Jacks Fork that would otherwise be too shallow in December.

We base camped at Alley Spring. 

Thursday night we dined on winter stew in bread bowls.  It was a little thick for bread bowls, but yummy none-the-less.  In face I ate so much that I nearly returned some.

I was trying out a new sleeping bag this year and fell in love with it.  It was roomy and warm.  We also tried a new teepee tent.  It has plenty of head room, but the door system could be better.

Friday morning was up early for some fried potatoes with bacon, onions, bell peppers, and jalapenos.  Then it was off to a lengthy shuttle made longer by missing a turn.  We paddled from Buck Hollow to Rymers.  It's a bit over 9 miles with scenic bluffs and caves along the way.  Jam Up cave is especially interesting, but it's hard to get out there - especially in a kayak in the winter.  Only three of us explored the cave.

We returned to camp a bit before dark to begin cooking a dinner of pork steaks, corn on the cob, baked beans, and slaw.  It certainly hit the spot.  The beans were a particular hit.

The plan for Saturday was a bigger breakfast, shorter paddle, and hitting the Eminence Christmas parade.

Breakfast was fried pheasant with biscuits and gravy paste.  I say paste because the gravy wouldn't flow through a slotted spatula.  It was thick, but had a great taste.

It was then off to Bay Creek to put in for the day.  I kayaked on Friday, but hit the canoe for Saturday; often times standing.

The whole group of nine boats on Saturday.

And don't forget the ever beautiful frost flowers that appear on cold mornings.

After getting off the river at Alley Spring and the shuttle run it was time to cook dinner. 

We had an early dinner of vegetables and bring-your-own meat before heading into Eminence. 

We've been to the parade before.  When we asked folks when the parade started we were told "dark".  We got to the courthouse to set out our chairs a bit before dark.  The parade started a bit after 6pm.  For a small town they put on a pretty good Christmas parade.

A little cobbler finished off the evening just right when we returned to camp.

Sunday was packing up and getting home.

Next year marks the 20th year of the trip so we'll be returning to the Eleven Point and where it all started with just three of us.


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